Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about Authority which is measured by online popularity. When other sites link to you that raises your popularity and increases your visibility in the search engines.

What is Link Building?

link buildingThe origin of this process of linking to another site has to do with the relevance and the information of the site that is receiving links. For example, if you have a website about bass fishing and you find a blog post on another website that gives valuable information about bass fishing, you may want to link your site to that blog post to increase the value of your site. This is how link building began, by providing additional related resources for your web visitors. You are basically saying “Thank You” for coming to my site. If you would like even more information, you can check out this blog post on the subject.

Unfortunately, link building has become something very different than what it started out to be. And because of this, the search engines have had to crack down on people abusing the system by penalizing their sites. We operate our campaigns the way they were originally designed, which provides valuable relevant information for website visitors and an effective optimization campaign for our clients that produces results.

Small Business SEO Services

There are millions of searches that take place every month on the web and more than half of these are people looking to purchase goods and services. A top ranking position on the right keyword gives you a fantastic opportunity to reach your target customers.

We will work with you to find the profile or avatar of your ideal customer. Next we will design a custom web visibility campaign to reach your customer. In addition, we can evaluate your website and make suggestions to improve your onsite optimization, if needed.

Our techniques are proprietary, involving proven fundamentals, safe dedicated campaigns and some valuable closely held trade secrets. Our prices are less than half of what most other companies charge.

We take pride in our results and many of our satisfied customers are enjoying targeted traffic and increased website sales after using our optimization services.

small business seo

Organic optimization is the most effective way for our clients to reach their customers and their markets. It is the most powerful lead generation tool available and the great equalizer that breaks the barrier between small businesses and the corporations.. Everyone is equal on the Internet.

Small Business SEO

Proper SEO levels the playing field so that the little guy or SMB can now compete with the big guys.  They can now go after the same consumer for similar products without the overhead of a Sam’s Club or Costco and Win!  Search engine optimization is a 24/7 Lead Generator that doesn’t tire, doesn’t complain and never needs a day off!