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Local Search Marketing

Suncoast Publishing is a Premiere Provider of Search Engine Optimization.  We have an experienced team of Professionals that specialize in the growth of your business through Organic (Non-paid search results) SEO.

There are millions of customers searching for your Products and Services right now. The problem is that they aren’t finding you when typing your money keywords into the search engines.  We identify your ideal client, optimize your web presence to help them to find you!

We know at Suncoast Publishing, that your typical web visitor’s 1st search is usually a generic term and their last search is a long tail keyword. (Example: Generic: tire – Long Tail: Firestone Destination P215/75R15) This is the search that begins to define what your Ideal Client is requesting. The first step is to drill down to locate these long tail keywords and begin to target them in your custom website visibility campaign.

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Greg Swan is a Digital Marketing Specialist and the Owner of Suncoast Publishing.